'90s Kid Nostalgia Gifts

Are you a '90s kid or someone who genuinely loves everything '90s? Look no further because all your needs can be met right here!

You can enjoy all 151 of your best friends on this plush pokemon fleece blanket. And yes, of course it's Gen 1.
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Don't we all have a neopet starving out there? No worries if you can't remember your password, we have Neopia Central right here in our neopets throw pillow. 

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Let's throw back to your elementary school's pizza party!! Don't forget your Hawaiian punch in your favorite 90z paper cup! Wear this funny 90's cup design t-shirt and impress all your friends. 

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Shower yourself in nostalgia with our vapor wave dolphin shower curtain. Reminiscent of 90's clip art and web graphics, these fun guys will keep you company all day baby!

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