Festival Gear Must-Haves for 2021

One of the many reasons 2020 sucked so hard was the lack of music festivals. Show off your swag this summer with these hilarious meme festival clothes and accessories.

   If you're a complete delinquent like I am, you'll never go to a festival without your Vicks inhaler. Our Gotta Have the Vicks flag is hilarious and will look great on a totem pole, in your camp, or on your wall.

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Do you love cats, weed and Lil Wayne? If yes, then our Pussy Money Catnip crop top will make the perfect addition to your festival outfit.

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    Ever find yourself a little too deep in a crowd of wookish debauchery? We have the answer: bring Keanu with you. He'll bring you the peace and comfort you need. Wear our Keanu in the Clouds t-shirt to your next festival or rave.

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There's no one you can trust more with your money than Frank Reynolds. That's why you should carry your belongings in our Danny Devito Money backpack. Perfect for your next festival journey or simply just through life. 

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